9.11.12 "Wish I was a Lil bit taller"

September 10, 2012

Bacon is sizzlin!!!

Corrin is Back! Beast Mode!!!

Box Squat(parallel) 2 rep max
–Always Low Bar Back Squat unless specified.
Click Here. Why do we Box Squat???

Wish I was a Lil bit taller…
3 Rounds
300m Row
30 Wall Balls(20,14)
30 Abmat Situps

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  1. Jeff Caylor Reply

    Box squat – 225#
    WIWALBT – 15:50

  2. Wilhuntforfood Reply

    Team RAC
    Tim 10:35 RX
    Paul 10:44 RX
    Andy 10:55 RX
    Brian 10:43 RX
    Boob 12:10 RX

  3. Nugz Reply

    Hang Sq Snatch @ 65% (135) 4×2
    Pwr Clean & Jerk @ 65% (180) 6×2 (first jerk was a push jerk, second was a split)

    AMRAP 10 of:
    25m Swim
    10 Burpees


    3 1-Mile Runs with 4min rest between
    5:55(PR), 6:40, 6:24

    • Jeff Reply

      Guess you’re ready for that ironman!

  4. Soniablade Reply

    “wish I were…”
    17:40 (12#wb)
    Still going slow, party to not hurt myself, mostly so I don’t vomit in front of anyone! Feels so good to be back though! Thanks everyone for the encouragement 🙂

  5. CC Engine Reply

    Awesome job Mama Blade! And don’t forget 165# Box Squat X2. And it looked so easy for you! Way to dig deep on your comebacks! 🙂
    Great job everyone else too! Good 630 p class! But that Wod kicked my butt!
    16:28 (10# WB 1st Rnd, then 8#). 125# for the Box Squat X2. (PR). 😉
    Catch you all on the flip flop! And “Lil Jackson was here (Daddy JC Wod’d at 530p) and he wanted to Wod too, but all in good time my pretty, all in good time! Lol!

  6. Ryan Blake Reply

    12:15 rx

    Then I did

    Power snatch 115#
    Burpee bar hops

    8:24 rx

    Was gonna do the seven with Pkilla… But he cherry picked on me!

  7. Cat Reply

    155# Box squat – inspiring to watch great form from Mama Blade. Way to push me girls! Thanks.

    15:13 (10#wb)

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