9.12.13 "Strong Man 2.0"

September 12, 2013

The Women of CFB!!!
We are so proud of all these women. They show up every night and give it their ALL. They have all accomplished things they never thought possible and they inspire all of us!!!

Trish “the Dish” Keefe

Mary “Lil Sexy” Marini

“Mount St.” Helen

Sara “The Real Deal” Reale

EMOTM for 10 Minutes
work on:
1) Muscle ups or Transitions
2) Chest to bars
3) Butterfly’s
4) Pullups

Pick a skill to work on and pick 2-5 repetitions per round to practice that skill.

Team Strong Man WOD 2.0
Teams of 2
Only one works at a time
3 Rounds
10 Stone 2 Shoulder
2 Traverse around the Pullup Rig (CFD)
2 Monkey Bars (CFB)

10 Barbell TGU (55,35)
400M Farmers Carry (140,106)

For this WOD only one athlete works at a time and you can split up the reps. Today we should split the work in half. On the monkey bars or rig traverse each partner should do one lap. On The Rig traverse you will monkey your way around the pull-up bars using only the outside bars. You can go side to side or hand over hand. The goal is to not touch the ground ever. You will have to climb up the posts once in a while. Each teammate will only have to complete one side of the rig. The monkey bars will be just one complete lap end to end for each partner.
We will all start at different stations.


—Upcoming EVENTS
* September 16th Lurong Paleo Challenge. Sign UP now!!!
* September 27th Mr and Mrs RX wedding!!!
* October 15th WOD 4 Paws @ Cynergy
* October 27th Dr. Rockett Injury Prevention Seminar



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  1. CC Engine Reply

    41:19 w/ Colby! (Some athletic new young chick! Lol)
    Colby / CC
    Stone 73 / 42
    Full Monkey Bar / Half Traverse
    BB TGU – 15
    Farmer – Both Rx 🙂
    Hell of a WOD, but I feel stronger already!
    Great 630 P with the Natoraide at CFB! 🙂

  2. ElijahGonsalves Reply

    Hit 30 min cap

  3. RealJoshCamara Reply

    Josh.O and Sean–2 rounds + 4TGU’s  (capped out)
    Traverse around rig
    RX farmers walks

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