9.13.12 " Team Double Dutch"

September 12, 2012

Human Wheelbarrow’s!!!

And yes it’s Wheel-barrow not wheel-barrel. I Wiki and googled it!!!

OHS 5-4-3-2-1reps all Heavy

Team Double Dutch
Teams of 2
1 teammate completes max rep double unders
while other teammate completes
10 Toe 2 Bars
10 Over Head Squats (115,80)
10 GHD Situps
Then switch and continue this cycle for 15 mins

Score is Total Double Under reps. If you scale then 3 single unders equal 1 double under(so divide total score by 3)


OHS are from the ground during the WOD and should be fairly heavy

– Post scores to comments



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  1. Kass Reply

    Yahhh! Love you pageyy!!!

  2. CC Engine Reply

    Great pics! This was Labor Day and my first time doing the “wheel barrow” too (with a fantastic partner for me – Joanie)! Glad I finally broke the ice with this movement. You have to do it, experience it, to fully appreciate the toughness of it!!! But it’s great of course, once you’ve accomplished it. 🙂
    Ps: And Coach JC is totally correct when he says it’s easier to do if you hold your partner’s legs up around the knees or higher!! 😉

  3. Sweat Beast Reply

    I can’t wait to finally not be fat after this paleo challenge….

  4. Wilhuntforfood Reply

    TeaM RAC
    Tim/Andy 503 RX singles
    Pete/Brian 526 RX pete doubles, Brian singles
    Paul/bob/Andy 342 85 lb, 3rd man rowed when not working

  5. Peter Cipolletti Reply

    Double Under death today…

    Pete – 75-92-126-93

    Brian – 156-152-150

  6. Nugz Reply

    Endurance Oly Strength:
    EMOTM for 8 of:
    1 Hang Squat Snatch
    1 Low Hang Squat Snatch (Below Knee)
    1 Full Squat Snatch
    @ 65% (135)


    10x30sec all out effort hill sprint on treadmill @ 15% incline @ 9.0 speed
    (speeds varied but never fell below 9.0, so to be fair, that should be my score.)

  7. CC Engine Reply

    Max OHS 50# x3. Think PR for me. 😉
    Team St. Hell & CC Engine: 497! (1495 S.U.’s 2TF! Ha ha -Crazy Sh–!)
    (35# OHS, Knee Ups) Great 6:30 pm with Sexy Beast, Sparkles (?), Matt, Sarah, St.Hell & ‘Nator. It was inspiring workin with u all! 🙂

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