9.13.16 “Blended”

September 12, 2016


Today we will be starting the Hatch Squat Cycle!!! Its a great way to build up your Squat in 10 weeks. We will Squat twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday!!! If you miss a day you can make it up the next day or you can ask a coach for the %’s if you need to work it in a day earlier. This will go great with the Lurong Challenge, we will improve our nutrition, improve our body composition, improve our fitness and improve our strength, ALL OF IT!!!

Let’s go Gladiators!!! Time to get serious, The OPEN is coming!!!

Coach’s Notes:
When using most strength training programs, like this one, you should use 90-95% of your 1 rep max when entering in your percentages, this is called your “Training Max”. This allows for a consistent increase in strength over the 10 week program. Newer members may not fall in this category because their one rep maxes are increasing daily but this is of more concern for our veteran athletes. If you can not hit your percentages in the first few weeeks then lower your Training max, but if you are crushing the percentages then you may increase slightly after the first 3 weeks.

HBBS 10@60% 8@70% 6@75% 4@80%

6 Power Snatches (95,65)
8 OH Front Lunges (95,65)
10 Burpees Over the Bar


(below is only extra credit if you need work in these areas)

4 Rounds of:
15 Med Ball GHDSU (20,15)

Choose ONE of the following sports:
4 Rounds of either:
Row 1500m
Run 1200m
Airdyne Max Cals in 5 Mins
Rest 4 Minutes between rounds

Squat Snatch
5×2 @ 80% 1RM
Rest :90 Seconds



1. Hatch Squat
HBBS 10@60% 8@70% 6@75% 4@80%

2. Squat Snatch
5×2 @ 80% 1RM
Rest :90seconds

3. “Blended” (115,80)

4. Todays Endurance



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