9.15.12 "Tabata Mashed Potatoes!"

September 14, 2012

Hal and Kyle have been battling for the Score of the Day lately!

Almost 30yrs apart but at CrossFit only seconds separate the men from the boyz!!!

1 Rep max KB Turkish Getup
Add score from Each arm.
Competitors must use a barbell. Click for Video 135# TGU

Tabata Mashed Potatoes!
8 Rounds of Each Movement Alternating
24 Rounds total = 12 Minutes
:20sec Work :10sec Rest
Row for Calories
Pushups Competition Style
Hang Power Cleans (95,65)

Score is total reps and calories.
You will alternate between each exercise and keep a score for each rd. Set up in groups of 3 and share stations or barbells. You must move quickly from movement to movement especially the rower. You only have :10sec till the next round starts. Maybe try leaving straps loose or not on at all.
The pushups for competitors are done with hands and feet on 45 or 35# plates and an abmat in between hands for the chest to make contact with every rep.

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