9.19.12 Lurong #2 "Christine"

September 18, 2012


Two days down and the Lurong Challenge is already becoming a great experience! Everyone is gelling together and being extremely helpful to all the contestants. Let’s keep it rolling and keep the strong family environment of CFB alive!!!

3 Rounds
500m Row
12 Deadlifts
21 Games Style Box Jumps

Men’s Rx- Deadlift(body weight) Box Jump (24)
Women’s Rx- Deadlift(body weight) Box jump (20)
Men’s Scaled- Deadlift(1/2 body weight) Box Jump (16)
Women’s Scaled – Deadlift (1/2 body weight) Box Jump (12)
– Step ups are allowed in scaled division.

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  1. Mark Reply

    12:15 RX
    Currin crushed it
    Amazing effort today JL
    Awesome 5:30 class

  2. Jeff Caylor Reply

    My first deadlift workout! Good stuff! 15:50…. …better an expected…

    • Jeff Caylor Reply

      RX 210#

  3. currin Reply

    10.48 Rx (170# deads)

    I was a little slow on the row but otherwise I felt good… Great job JL for pushing through the deadlifts….

    Can wait for Friday’s WOD… love burpees!

  4. Wade Reply

    The 5:30AM was amazing today! JL was a true warrior and Mark, Currin, Jeff, and Mantis tore it up!

    13:30 – 210 deadlift with box steps to protect the bum knee. My form on the DLs must be improving because I didn’t tweak my lower back this time.

  5. CC Engine Reply

    Keep up the good work everybody! Love following the scores & comments! 😉

  6. Wilhuntforfood Reply

    Team RAC
    WOD 3 “Lurong Living Original
    Pete 10:20 RX
    Brian 10:54 60 lb
    Andy 11:11 RX
    Tim 12:04 RX
    Paul 12:34 RX
    Boob 14:34 RX
    Dan 4 rounds 40 lb 15:10

  7. Nugz Reply

    Endurance WOD:
    Bench 4-3-2-1 @ 275, 275, 285, 295

    Clean & Jerk 5×3 @ 75% (205)

    5 rounds of:
    max rep Dead Hang Pull Ups (ends when athlete comes off the bar)
    100ft backwards sled drag (90)

    14:21 with Pull Ups @ 12, 10, 9, 8, 8

    • Jeff Caylor Reply


  8. Wade Reply

    Nice work Nugz!

  9. jl Reply

    Thanks for the encouragement today guys, meant a ton. DEFINATELY motivation to lose some weight and I’m gonna kill it in 9 weeks!!!!

  10. Tank Reply

    10:59 Rx, 155 # DL

  11. Andrea :) Reply

    13:35 Rx (140#) PR

  12. Cat Reply

    12:21 Scaled
    The energy in the 6:30 class was awesome tonight!
    K & T – you rock as teammates! Always pushing to be better.

  13. Page Lockhart Reply

    That’s the Deer Antler Spirit..!
    Go CFB crushing WOD’s and helping each
    other get better.
    13:00Rx. 4 Nator.

  14. Kristin Reply

    RX 165# 13:39 Can’t wait to lighten that DL!
    Loved the support! C&T killed it 🙂

  15. Risky Business Reply

    12:50rx (225# DL)

    went a bit heavier on the DL because i’m used to the weight… was a little sluggish on the box jumps but had good rebounds… nice work guys!

  16. JT Reply

    11:10 rx (175#)

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