9.19.13 "Team Gold Plated Grillz"

September 19, 2013

SFH Fish oil will be in by this weekend. Please reserve your bottle now. There are only 12 bottles coming in this first shipment. They will be heading to CFB, so if anyone from CFD will be ordering one please let Justin or myself know to pick one up for you.

Team Thursday’s

Lui and Carla!

Paul Rocha and Jon Norris!!!

Gold Plated Grillz
Teams of 2(same sex or ability)
400m Plate Run (45,25)
100 Pullups
100 Plate OH walking lunges(45,25)
100 Plate Push ups (45,25)
400m Plate Run (45,25)

–Only one athlete works at a time. Each team uses only one plate. For the lunge the plate is held overhead, for the push up the plate is placed on the partners back and for the run you can hold the plate anywhere. One athlete must always hold the plate even during pullups. If plate touches the ground at any time it’s a 25 burpee penalty each. During the run you can switch at anytime.

Enjoy 🙂

—Upcoming EVENTS
* Lurong Paleo Challenge is ON!!!
* September 27th Mr and Mrs RX wedding!!!
* October 27th Dr. Rockett Injury Prevention Seminar



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  1. RealJoshCamara Reply

    Team Bro Bean (josh and almen) 19:54 RX

  2. RlmenA Reply

    Rob the jewelry store and tell em make me a grill.

  3. Mr. Rx Reply

    I might cause a cold front if I take a deep breathe…
    Team Mr and Mrs RX
    15:43 RX+mrs RX used 45# plate for run, 45# lunge and 25# push-ups

  4. CC Engine Reply

    Chrissy The Butcher & CC Engine  26:04. (25# / 15#, thin red / sm purple&thin gray) (CC – Knee PU)
    Dam I was eating my own sweat! That’s a first! Lol!
    Great 630 P at CFB w NatorAide & Great Crew!
    We busted our a$$es tonite so give us our gold!! 🙂

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