9.2.13 "Eat my Dust"

September 02, 2013

Happy birthday Corey!!!
Corey starts back up at school tomorrow but that won’t stop him from CrossFitting. He will be at the 530am class before school everyday. Then off to soccer practice…dedication!!

If you have ever WODed with Corey then this is the view you are used to seeing. He gives a whole new meaning to eat my dust!

3 Reps @ 82, 87, 92%

Eat my Dust
3 Rounds
50 Double Unders
25 Burpees
200m Run
(20# Vest optional)

12 Min Cap

This WOD is dedicated to all our High School Athletes! You guys are the Future of Team CFB/CFD. Keep up the hard work and get good grades so you don’t get punished from CrossFit!!!

Mandatory Cashout:
5×10 Snatch Grip RDL
Increase weight each set

1) Hang Power Snatch
7 sets of 3 on the 2 minutes
@60 1rm snatch–speed
Pause above knee each rep or use blocks.

2) Deadlifts 3×82,87,92%

3) Eat my Dust (20# Vest)

4) Snatch Grip RDL 5×10

—posted by MR. RX



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  1. Almen Reply

    14:44 Rx

  2. crossfitbridgewater Reply

    8:33 but no vest today.
    tried to beat corey but he smaked it at 8:22

  3. CC Engine Reply

    Happy Bday Corey!

    DL – 120/125/135

    EMD – 2 rnds + 150 su and 2 burpees.
               (Finished it in about 3 more minutes??)

    Great crew with Nator at 6 P at CFB! 🙂

  4. ElijahGonsalves Reply

    2+ 5 burpees before cap
    15:38 (su/20# vest)

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