9.21.12 "Lurong Living Original"

September 20, 2012

This is the Final Benchmark WOD. You have until next Friday to make up any of these WODs. Remember to enter your score online. The score is all 3 benchmarks added together. Keep crushing it. We will judge each other again for the Final WOD.

Stormin’ Norman is ready for the Paleo Challenge!!!

Lurong Living Original
5 Rounds
20 Burpees
20 KB Swings

Men’s Rx – KB Swings at 53 lbs
Men’s Scaled – KB Swings at 35 lbs
Women’s Rx – KB Swings at 35 lbs
Women’s Scaled – KB Swings at 25 lbs

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  1. Mark Reply

    12:45 RX
    Great 5:30 am class again today

  2. currin Reply

    10:58 Rx…

    Great work this morning… Class was jamming.

  3. Jeff Caylor Reply

    Gotta check the board, but 15:54 (I think) RX. Tough to keep up sometimes!

    • currin Reply

      hey, why do you get your own picture and I get a little green ball?

      Doesn’t seem right…

      • Jeff Caylor Reply

        I created a ‘Gravatar’ through Gravatar.com, but I also registered with wordpress.com…. I think you at least need to register with wordpress to put a picture up there…. Changed my ‘Gravatar’ just for you! ;o)

  4. CC Engine Reply

    Maybe b/c he’s signed onto FB at same time?? Hey and that’s not just a ‘lil green ball – that’s a ‘lil “scary” green monster! Lol

  5. D$ Reply

    Back from IR….Great 530 class today. Lots of energy and new faces…..Wade killed it today, He wasn’t very far behind Currin’s time.

    I only did 4 rounds….good start.

    • Jeff Caylor Reply

      Good to see you back!

    • Andrea :) Reply

      Nice to see you back!

  6. Stacey Reply

    Great workout! 14:47 rx, all unbroken KB swings though, very excited about that!

  7. Page Lockhart Reply

    Yahoooo! D$ is back…let the games begin!!
    Hey great 7:30 am class too.. Wodding
    W Jana and the Rooster…!!
    Just keep on movin on those burpees

  8. Wade Reply

    The 5:30am was rockin’ today! D$ came back like he never missed a class! It definitely gave me a boost having his energy back in the box! 12:59rx

  9. Joe Kelleher Reply

    Wod 12:17
    JT and Hal killed it tonight. Nice job guys.

  10. Kristin Reply

    13:14 RX
    Felt lucky to make it to 5:30…Geri was a great partner! Strong kettle bells!

  11. Corrin Reply

    I LOVE ELAINE! She Pushed my assss this morning!!! 11;18 RX

  12. Bravo Reply

    Lurong Living Original
    5 Rounds
    20 Burpees
    20 KB Swings

    10:04 Rx – That was a gaser!!

    Great work everyone, great to see so many new people drinking the kool-aid
    Keep crushing the WODs and you’ll become a ninja or a beast in no time.

    Who’s gonna win this challenge?? I’m throwing it all in
    Who ha

  13. Tricia Reply

    Cat is an awesome coach!! 14:41 for me scaled. Beat the time I had in mind, that’s what it’s all about!!! FYI – she kicked my butt!! 🙂

  14. Andrea :) Reply

    12:31 Rx.

    Great job 5:30pm class!

  15. JT Reply

    8:50 RX’d

  16. Cat Reply

    Trish, right back at ya!! You’re always making sure I give it my all. Love it! 13:23 scaled.

    Loving the OLY class with Coach Bruce and the crew. Healthy way to pass a Friday night. 🙂

  17. JC Reply

    JT and Hal crushed it today. I am very excited for our competitive season coming up. Elaine and Corrin killed it at 10am. Bravo is back and there are many more uprising stars!!! Thanks for being Awesome everyone!

    On a side note: I’m getting slower and fatter. Paleo all the way now.
    Lurong original 10:29.

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