9.25.12 "Row Burp Rest"

September 24, 2012

Jen Hunter: Ya, I can RX Christine!!!

Warm up
3 rounds Not for
10 Toe toBars
20 V-Situps

15min Pullups or Muscle practice
Use an OTM interval

Row Burpee Rest
4 Rounds
500m Row
15 Burpees
2min rest
Score is total time

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  1. Mantises Reply

    Awesome 5:30 class today!!!! Good to see Corrin can wake up and play at 5:30!

  2. Mark Reply

    15 min: Worked on muscle ups. Only got two but they’re getting there.
    WOD: 17:50

    Awesome 5:30 class again today. The energy has been awesome lately…

    • Jeff Caylor Reply

      Hey little green monster… You gonna change your profile to a pic or what?! ;o)

  3. Stacey Reply

    15 min: 3 pull ups each time
    WOD: 19:30

  4. CC Engine Reply

    Wow-still so many new members! Awesome! Only the best keeps growing!!! 🙂

  5. Jeff Caylor Reply

    Prior to the workout, I was able to pull off 5 pull-ups (unassisted – one after the other, not continuous) – When I first walked in the doors here, I couldn’t do one! Sooo psyched!!!

    15 min: 3 pullups, red band
    WOD: 18:10

    Ended with 10 green band ring dips. I’m still tired, need a nap!

  6. Peter Cipolletti Reply

    Team RAC:

    50 Full Pulls on Rower
    5 burpees
    2min Rest

    Pete – 15:18
    Andy – 15:04
    Brian – 15:25

  7. Mantis Reply

    Awesome 5:30 class!
    6 Kipping pull-ups for the skill. Workig on the butterfly pu’s with coach nugz. I’ll get there.
    Good to see some new 5:30am faces.

    D$ where are you?! ):

  8. CC Engine Reply

    Awesome job Jeff!!! I did 75 pullups & 55 1st time with just green band! I’m happy with that. (Last 20 w thin red band added.)
    20:36 for the Wod! Wow is all I can say! and yes there was a lot of energy here tonite, 530 & 630 pm classes! 🙂 & as always – Page, U R Great!!
    Hey JesC, I only did 2 seconds more than you on the RBR! 🙂 Miss working out with you!

  9. Cat Reply

    Skill: 5 banded ring dips x 10 OTM rounds
    WOD: 20:15
    Paginator doing a great job keeping the rowdy 6:30 class in line. 🙂
    Great energy, as usual and lots of fun to have some of the 5:30 class sticking around to cheer us on. CFB rocks!!

  10. Kristin Reply

    Skill: 5 banded ring dips OTM
    WOD: 18:31, love to row- need to learn to love burpees.
    Awesome group as usual! Cat- you look great! Keep up the good work!

  11. Page Lockhart Reply

    Awesome crowds. I am def pullin a megaphone
    Crutch if I need crowd control on thurs.
    Lovin the energy and the constant encouragement
    Everyone gives each other and the newbies
    This was another gasser.
    19:31 for Nator and better kips on my PU’s
    must b the deer antler. Haaaahaaa!

  12. big sexy Reply

    Rbr: 16:10
    8 c2b emotm x 15 mins

  13. Tricia Reply

    Skill: 4 pull-ups OTM x10 min w/ red/grey band
    WOD: 20:20
    The activity and energy level was at an all time high last night -woohoo!!

  14. Sweat Beast Reply


    2 Muscle ups EMOTM for 15 Minutes

    only missed 1 muscle up.

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