9.26.12 "Olympic Testing"

September 25, 2012

Come Support The Gladiators This Weekend at CrossFit Providence!!! The “Eye of the Storm” Competition is Saturday and Sunday from 9-4.

Ford Tough is Ready for this weekend!!!

Warm up
3 rounds not for time. Very light.Add weight each set
2xSnatch high pull
2xPower Snatch
2xOverhead Squat
2xSnatch balance
2xSquat snatch

Testing Day 2
1RM Snatch in 20mins
1RM Clean n Jerk in 20mins

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  1. Jeff Caylor Reply

    Snatch: 105#
    C & J: 145# up from 125# back in April.

  2. currin Reply

    Snatch 155#
    C&J – 175#

  3. Brian Del. Reply


  4. CC Engine Reply

    Squat Snatch – 45 X3 (Same as prev.) (Working on form!!!)
    Squat Clean & Jerk – 60 X3 (PR for me – & still need to work on form with split!)
    2 classes in a row for me – tired but glad to do it, and great to do a class by JC!!! Great job everybody 5:30 & 6:30 pm!

  5. Cat Reply

    Snatch: 60#
    Clean & Jerk: 110#
    Thanks to my 6:30 buds & Coach JC for the push & cheers – and for not laughing at me every time I ended up ass over tea kettle (had to be at least 6 times).

  6. Sweat Beast Reply

    180 Snatch (5lbs off of PR)
    225 Clean and jerk (10lbs off of PR)

    Then I did

    Squat Clean (135)
    GHD Sit ups
    200m in between each round.

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