9.27.12 "Testing Day 3"

September 26, 2012

Badass Brenda eagerly coaches her daughter Courtney!!!

Testing Day 3

1)Max Height Box Jump in 15mins

2)Max Pullups

3)1 Mile RUN Test

Sleep 8 Hrs

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  1. Jeff Caylor Reply

    Max Jump – 36.5″
    Max pullups – 2
    1 mile – 6:40
    Slow morning. Guess I need more sprints!

  2. Mark Reply

    Max Jump 42
    Pullups 27
    Mile 6:18

  3. Stacey Reply

    Max Jump-36.5
    Pullups-20…so excited about this number!!
    Mile 8:29

  4. Wilhuntforfood Reply

    Team RAC
    Garage games final WOD
    Power snatch 115 lb
    Bar hop burpee
    Tim 9:43 Rx
    Brian 12:14 Rx
    Andy 11:45 Rx
    Paul 10:20 105lb

  5. Nugz Reply

    20rep max front sq
    190 (body weight)

    1 snatch pull + 1 sq snatch EMOM for 10 @ 75% (155)

    3rds of:
    500m row
    8 pwr cleans (225)
    12 burpees.
    2min rest

    4:59, 12:10, 19:25

  6. Brian Del. Reply

    Max Box Jump-46.5″
    Max Pullups-21
    1mi run-6:43

  7. Kristin Reply

    Max box 34″/10 pull ups (from 2)/7:27mi (+11 sec)
    First step out the door was the hardest, always glad I did.

  8. Heather Reply

    Loved this test wk.. Max jump 34″.. 11 strict pullups with silver/red band.. 8:55 min

  9. CC Engine Reply

    Amazing feats tonite!!! 630pm -Quite a few Mexican jumping beans pulling pr’s, women and men!! Great job everybody and spectacular to watch!
    Me: 20″ Box 😛 (Need more practice with this – & we need more bx jumps in the Wods JC… Lol) Think I did a “lil better prev w the bx.
    But 8 pull ups with just green (PR) – was green & red prev. 🙂
    And 9:10 mile (PR) – was 9:33 June. 🙂

    Not too bad for an old lady – ha ha…………….

  10. Cat Reply

    Max Box Jump: 32.5″ (PR)
    Max Pull-ups: 17 green band (PR up from 18 with black on 6/11)
    Mile: 9:47
    Lots of fun tonight and lots of superstars on the box jumps!

  11. Andrea Reply

    Max Pull Ups : 14(PR)
    Killed my leg when I missed the box jump so I did not PR there; and then I couldn’t run. Will have to test the mile next week after my shin heals.

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