9.28.12 "Upside Down Pound"

September 27, 2012

Garage Games Providence
Come Cheer on all
Our Competitors this weekend. Saturday and Sunday from 9-4. Located at CrossFit Providence.

Hal and Blake are ready for the Games this weekend!!!

Handstand Practice
HS Holds—HS Shoulder Taps—Kipping HSPU

Upside Down Pound
Burpee Pullups Bars or Rings
Box Jumps (30,24)

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  1. Wade Reply

    Still need work on the HSPUs but I can get a few RX unbroken now.
    Upside Down Pound – 17:24 with 2 ab mats and box steps (24)

  2. Jeff Caylor Reply

    23 minutes… I think I did the 8, 7, or 6 rep twice… I’ll check them off the wall next time…

  3. Stacey Reply

    21:15 approximately. i forgot to check the time when i finished, i was just so damn happy to be done! i think i also did the 8 reps twice. woops! Love the handstand work.

  4. CC Engine Reply

    Good luck everyone competing in the “Eye of the Storm” garage games in Providence this weekend!!! Come on, kill it, and bring home the gold!! Lol!

  5. Corrin Reply

    Upside down pound : 16:04 Rx until the 3rd round in then I added the 1abmat! I was pounding my head and had a HEADACHE after lol!

  6. big sexy Reply

    UDP: 21:22 (2 abm)

  7. big sexy Reply

    Torture Training w/ gas mask @ 18,000 ft.
    500m row
    10 kb (2 pood)
    20 double unders
    Then 800m run

  8. Wilhuntforfood Reply

    Team RAC
    Brian 15:50 Rx
    Andy 17:52 1abmat
    Boob 17:27 1abmat
    Tim 20:09 1abmat

  9. Cat Reply

    UDP: 17:37, 20″box, 3 abmats
    Friday fun!
    Can’t wait to see all the CFB competitors kill it in Providence!

  10. Adam Reply

    18:10 (30″ box jump, 2 ab mats).

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