9.3.13 "Labor Pains"

September 02, 2012

Remember today there are only 730am and 930am classes

The Chief Wins!!!

Warm up
CrossFit Dodgeball

Labor Pains
Teams of Two
400m Run with
100m Partner wheel barrel (grass to Flag and back)
100 wall balls over chin up bars-every time you stop or drop the ball you must both do a 5 pullup penalty
100 Power Cleans (135,95)
Every time you drop the bar you must both do a 5 burpee penalty
400m Run with
100m Partner wheel barrel (grass to Flag and back)


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  1. Jcurrin Reply

    24:00 Rx w/ Hal … Thanks for carying me on the cleans..

    Great work everyone !!!!

  2. Andrea :) Reply

    29:42 (65) with Victoria. I had to go light on the cleans because of my elbow. I didn’t want to have to do 300 burpees!

  3. CC Engine Reply

    Lot of peeps at 930 am! Awesome! CF Dodgeball was great, even tho I did a lot of Burpees! Lol! Great warm up.
    31:11 with “Joanie” – we labored it out! Lol! Was tuff, but fun at the same time! (only 6# ball for the 100!! Coordination-demanding over the bar wall balls. Did a quite a few penalty Pullups! And 100 – 45# p.c.’s with Burpees on every partner switch!) and pleased that we accomplished the run / wheel barrel 400m x2 (beg & end)! First time I did wheel barrels, yeah! Awesome WOD, Bam! Rofl! 😉

  4. Wade Reply

    Dodgeball was a great warmup! Labor pains – 23:55 with Kyke who is going to be a beast! I wish I had the head start he has! He’s already got great form on his cleans! Great work Kyle! I rowed of course and stayed with 115 for the cleans bc of my back. Awesome 9:30 class today!

  5. Hercules Reply

    Curring crushed it with me today. Always love woding with the morning crew

  6. Sweat Beast Reply

    24:45 Rx

    My wrist was bugging me on the wheel barrels a little bit, but big sexy took one for me and finished my last 25 percent of the distance!

    Junior and Mr. Reebok had a long weekend.

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