9.4.13 "Back Squat/ HSPU"

September 03, 2012

The CFNE Garage Games are this weekend. Todays WOD is event #2. Check this Linkfor all events.
We do Not have any athletes competing at CFNE but it will be a great event to attend. Our athletes ARE doing the Providence Eye of the Storm on September 29th and 30th @ Crossfit Providence! Put in on the calendar.
If you have thought about competing please let us know and we can help you sign up for the next event. Most events have scaled and RX divisions. Send an email to crossfitbridgewater@gmail.com if you would like to compete.

Pat Crushed the Chief and Wade is always killing it!!!

15Minutes to establish:
1 Rep Max Jerk(Split)
From the rack

Handstand Pushups

CFNE Garage Games Back Squat/HSPU WOD

For Time:
25 Back Squats (225,155)
25 Handstand Pushups
From the rack

L2- (185,115) 1 abmat
L1- (135,95) 2 abmats

We may have to stagger starts.

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  1. Nugz Reply

    Endurance WOD:
    Weighted Towel Pull Ups 6×2
    10#, 15#, 20#, 25#, 30#, 35#


    3 rounds of:
    2 Rope Climbs (to top beam)
    9 Burpees
    12 KB Swings (70)


  2. Wade Reply

    Split Jerk 1 rep max – #195

    WOD – 6:34 (#185, 2 ab mats)

  3. Wilhuntforfood Reply

    Team RAC did the chief. Results posted there.

  4. CC Engine Reply

    Dam 530pm class was rocking! It was like the entire CFB fam was here, well half anyway, Lol!
    Thanks Nator for a great 630 pm class also. CFNE Garage Games Wod… 5:13 (65# 25 back squats unbroken, 2 mat+10#plate 25 HSPU’s broken, Lol!
    Strength: up to 65# split jerk x2. Felt better than cpl weeks ago! 🙂

  5. Cat Reply

    Split jerk 1 rep max 110# (PR) – Thanks Tricia, Page & Kristin for pushing me!
    WOD: 4:26 (95# back squats unbroken, 2 mats & plate for HSPUs)
    So good to have Sonia Chaves-Jorge back in the CFB box!

  6. Tricia Reply

    Forgot to write my stuff on the board so here it is. 85# max rep on skill. 5:15 level 1 (95#) with 3 Matt HSPU.

  7. Page Lockhart Reply

    Amazing nite at CFB!! TY to all coaches
    In assisting me. Guess I better learn how
    to use that megaphone..! So much energy
    and great work by everyone. Way to goooo
    people..! Yaahhh !

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