9.5.13 "StrongMan WOD 1.0"

September 05, 2013

It is very important that you do not drop the stones. You must put them down controlled just like the video. At CFB we will keep them out on the dirt which will cushion the fall and at CFD we will use the blue gymnastics mats doubled up. Thanks

StrongMan WOD 1.0
3 Rounds
AMRAP 2 Mins on :30sec OFF
Stone 2 Shoulder (heavy)
Tire Flips (Heaviest)
Rope Climbs (fast)
Row for Calories
Rest 2 Mins between rounds

Post loads used and Score as total reps. 1 Rope climb equals 3 reps. That means 4 rope climbs equal 12 reps toward your score.

—posted by MR. RX



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  1. Mr. Rx Reply

    This should be FUN!

  2. RlmenAmirez Reply

    193 (#116 Stone/ Second Biggest tire)

  3. CC Engine Reply

    42# stone – 54, 130# Tire – 89, Cal/Row – 71 Total 214
    Plus 48 Rope Ups from Floor

    Great 630 P class at CFB with Nator! It was great dirty, medieval fun!! Lol! 🙂

  4. FallynneShannon Reply

    Loved this WOD total of 251

  5. EricBlanchette Reply

    Great WOD today! I used the Big Tire and the 142lbs stone for a total of 143. Rope climbs need some work.

  6. EricBlanchette Reply

    FallynneShannon way to push yourself! Keep up the good work

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