9.8.12 "Quest 400's"

September 07, 2012

Today was Dave’s last day. He was with us for 6 weeks and crushed it every time! He heads back to Afghanistan for 6weeks. Wish him safe travels!!!

Dave and “DH” aka Dan “the Man”!

Gymnastics Warmup
3 rounds Not for Time
10 Ring Dips-Kipping
15 Back Extensions
20 V-Situps

Quest 400’s
For Time:
400m Run
400m Plate Run (45,25)
800m Run
400m Plate Run (45,25)
400m Run

Hold the plate anyhow 🙂

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  1. Andrea :) Reply

    Dave, I never had the pleasure of WODing with you but want to wish you safe travels.

  2. Jeff Reply

    13:20 RX

  3. Heather Reply

    15:22 rx

    Safe travels Dave, and thank you to you and everyone who is defending our beautiful country!!!

  4. JC Reply

    Great job Jeffe!!!
    Jackie: 6:51-unbroken
    Quest : 12:43rx
    Amrap 4: 6 rounds(went for one more clean but smacked myself in the face with the bar…..that’s a no rep!)

  5. Wade Reply

    Thank you for your service Dave and safe travels! Nice work JC! You killed it again!

  6. CC Engine Reply

    Be safe “Dave”, & God go with you! Thanks for defending freedom! Hope to see ya around CFB in the future! 🙂

  7. Jeff Caylor Reply

    The fact that I’m actually in the same ball park with you on any single workouts means I’m doing something right JC! Thanks to you and the rest of the coaches for all your work with me! Looking forward to hardcore next week! You guys are awesome!

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