1.20.17 “Another Total”

January 19, 2017

We are super excited to introduce everyone to the new WOD tracking software that we will be using for all the locations. The SUGARWOD app is available on itunes and android. This will allow all the athletes to enter in their scores from all four locations so Coach Caldas can look, track and collect data on all the athletes. We strongly suggest that you post scores to the leaderboard so the coaches can keep track of your achievements and give out FISTBUMPS!!! There are four leaderboards that you will be placing your scores on: “Mens scaled” “Womens scaled” “Mens RX” “Womens RX” and there is a whole separate Competition Track leaderboard for our SPORT athletes. Just like the WHITEBOARD in the box, this is not a competition, this is just a great way for the coaches and owners to keep track of everyones progress. BE PROUD OF YOUR SCORES. If for any reason you like to keep it private that is also an option in settings. OR if you want everyone to know, then you can post directly to facebook!!! Its very similar to MyWod but much better and user friendly. The WOD is directly imported to your app and you just record your scores, thats all. You can also export your MyWod or Wodify scores out and into the SUGARWOD app to keep all your old records. So, go to the app store and start now!!!

www.sugarwod.com/android www.sugarwod.com/ios www.sugarwod.com/login


We are starting a Wendler Strength Cycle next week and we will be using the 1 rep max’s from today lifts and working on improving them over the next 6-8 weeks leading up to the OPEN. Sign up for your sugarwod app and start recording all your workouts today!!!

“Another Total”
1 Rep Max Front Squat
1 Rep Max Deadlift
1 Rep Max Push Press

“Another Total”
1 Rep Max Front Squat
1 Rep Max Deadlift
1 Rep Max Push Press

6 Rounds
500m Row 1:00 Rest



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