CFB – Paleo Challenge Results

February 27, 2014

Congratulations to Everyone that Completed the Challenge!
This Team Style was a great way to keep everyone motivated.
We had one of the highest % of contestants to complete the entire challenge in a long time!
Thanks to all the Coaches for truly caring and helping your teammates along the way!


Lets Start with the Teams:
1st Place in the 2014 Paleo Team Challenge
Team Sonia “The Pink Team” Joan, Gina, Sean M., Kristen , Jen L., Pat D. and Amy
*totalled 1464 Paleo Points
*lost 56.8lbs as a team, which is 5% of their total body weight
*all with huge fitness improvements

Runners Up: 2nd Place
Team Risky “The Red Team”
Leo, Gene, Alix, Big Joe, Debbie, Chrissy, and John L.
* totalled 1450 Paleo Points
* lost 46.8lbs as a team, which is 4% of their total body weight
* all again with huge fitness improvements


Now for the Individuals:
1st Place “Big” Joe Santos
* 1st place in Paleo Points 231
* lost 24.4lbs, 9% of his body weight
*increased 29 reps on WOD 2

Joe started his weight loss journey, well before CrossFit, so we can not take all the credit, but man has this guy changed his life and his physique. He is an Inspiration to all of us, I still remember the day when Big Joe beat me in a WOD, this guy has a Big Engine and a Big Heart!!! Keep up the Hard work Joe!

2nd Place Joan “Joanie” “the Gambler” Gamble
* 223 Paleo Points
* Lost 11lbs, 8% of body weight
* Increased WOD 2 by 47 reps

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”” type=”image” alt=”IMG_5971.JPG” ]

Joanie has been with us from almost the beginning! She has totally changed her physique and gained tremendous amounts of strength. She does CrossFit so she can be stronger and be healthy to take care of her family. You can catch Joanie RX’ing the deadlifts on most wods!

3rd Place  Sean “needs a nickname” Murphy
* 2nd in Paleo Points 230
* lost 17.6lbs, 7% of body weight
* increased WOD 2 by 30 reps
[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”” type=”image” alt=”IMG_5979.JPG” ]

Sean has made his comeback to CrossFit Bridgewater count. He had the second largest weight loss and has made dramatic changes to his eating and lifestyle. He attended the Wild Tree Cooking Seminar, which played a huge role in his paleo diet. All his fitness has improved and especially his pullups lately, we will get off those bands soon!!!


Jackie Pierce
Lost 10lbs,7% body weight, and improved 56 reps!!!

Gina D. and Leo
Both improved their WOD2 scores by 2+ rounds!!!

Dave O.
Lost 14lbs!!!

Lost 11.6lbs and had 230 Paleo Points!!!








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  1. big joe Reply

    Congrats to everyone on their results. The team setup was a nice touch accountability is key. Thanks Jay for the kind words. Did you mean the one time I beat you in a WOD or the first time I beat you in a WOD jk. There is a ton of work still to do (almost literally) but I am sure I know the road to get there now.

    • Mr. Rx Reply

      lol…1st time!

  2. Adam Reply

    Awesome work, everyone! Great gains!

    Congrats, Joe! I’ve been chasing you since I first met you. I’m always impressed with how hard you work, so I am not surprised at your gains!

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