March 09, 2017

Finally, the results are in and as usual we had some amazing transformations!!!

This Year the 1st Place Winners will both receive a pair of Reebok Nano 7’s and the 2nd place winners will receive a 1 Hour Sports Massage with Amanda Martin.

It was a tight race as usual but there were a lot of contestants that just didnt finish their measurements or finish their paleo points and may have missed out on a prize. Remember this contest is not just about the scale, its about performance improvements, lifestyle changes and the body composition changes!!!

Congratulations to all the participants that finished the challenge and remember this is just the beginning, keep working hard and the results will come!!!

AND the Winners are:

1st Place
Joe Mavrogeorge

Weightloss = 13.6lbs (5.4% of total weight)
Paleo Points = 214
Inches = 7
Fitness improvement = same reps but did the WOD with a 16inch box instead of a 12 inch box. Big improvement!!!

Joe has come such a long way since starting with CFB. He has a major hip limitation that we have worked around but has still dramatically improved his strength and conditioning over the past few months. He has gone from barely being able to step onto a 12 inch box to doing 16 inch box jumps during FGB. We can’t wait to see him continue his transformation and hit all his fitness goals.

2nd Place
JP Tomas

Weightloss = 11.6lbs (5.2% of total weight)
Paleo Points = 230
Inches = 10
Fitness improvement = 10 Reps RX’d

JP comes to the gym each and every day and gives it 100%. He had the 2nd most Paleo points and was almost perfect the entire time. His hard work is paying off and he is Stong Like Bull!!!

JP and Joe were so close I had to make a tie breaker. On Monday I surprised them and made them each jump on the scale. Whoever was down the most weight still from the challenge was the winner. Joe was down 0.5 more than JP and sealed the deal


1st Place
Marisa Gilliart

Weightloss = 6.6lbs (4.9% of total weight)
Paleo Points = 237
Inches = 6.5
Fitness improvement = 37 reps RX’d that’s HUGE!

Marisa has definitely improved her lifestyle and her fitness. She had the #1 highest Paleo points and did not cheat once throughout the competition. She has really turned up her fitness and it shows. She recently got her first Bar Muscle up during the OPEN’s and was able to use them in 17.2!!! Great Job Marisa!!!

2nd Place
Kirsty Jackson

Weightloss = 2.4lbs (1.5% of total weight)
Body Fat Loss = 3.1% body fat. This is a dramatic change and an even better indicator of fat loss than just the scale alone.
Paleo Points = 206
Inches = 5
Fitness improvement = 78 reps WHAT?!! THAT’S CRAZY!!!

Kirsty is a great example of what this competition is all about. Its not just about the scale or the weight loss. It’s about improving your lifestyle and improving your fitness. She made some great improvements to her diet and scored well on her paleo points and the results show. She had the best overall fitness improvements on FGB!!! She also dropped 3% body fat which equates to another 5lbs of fat that the scale doesn’t show because Kirsty has also  built up 5lbs of muscle while training hard!!! Great job Kirsty and can’t wait to see you improve even more over the next few months.

Tom P. – lost 9.4lbs and over 6 inches
Jerry – lost 7lbs abd 213 paleo points
Caitlyn – lost 10.2 lbs
Cat – lost 5lbs – huge 74 point improvement on FGB
Kate B. – lost almost 3% body fat and 3 inches and huge PR on FGB



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