CFB Paleo Challenge Winners!!!

March 01, 2016

What a great competition!!! This year we had some dramatic changes! Every single person in the challenge improved on their benchmark wods and showed that eating clean is clearly the leading factor to improving your fitness!!! That’s what CrossFit is all about, improving your fitness, improving your mental toughness and improving your ability to succeed. The by-product of all this FITNESS is that you also look good naked when you are fit. Who would have thought?! Again, that’s the focus, it’s not scales, it’s not calories, it is eating healthy and clean and maintaining a healthy lifestyle so you can improve your Fran Time!!! The rest will just fall into place.

So, congratulations to all the contestants that started and a little more applause for those that finished the challenge. Also let’s thank all our coaches for stepping up and being a team leader. Both the BLUE TEAM and the ORANGE TEAM have athletes in the top spots, so for bragging rights I’m going to say that it’s a tie between these two teams. Maybe we can have a Fran off for the title???

As usual the competition was tough and the top contestants were all very close. With so many improvements by everyone it made choosing the top two male and female contestants harder than ever. 

1st Place Male
Jamie Stavros
Lost 26.2lbs(10.2%)
Improved over 8 minutes on his benchmarks
248 Paleo Points (2nd)

2nd Place Male
Jake Hibbert
Lost 9lbs(5.1%)
Improved 1:01 on Fran and 1:09 on Benchmark 2. That was the fastest Benchmark 2 score of 5:58!!!
231 Paleo Points (6th)

Male Honerable Mentions:
Arvin Mcgowan 11.8lbs(4.4%) and 246 paleo points(3rd)

Garret Fregault 7.4lbs(3.6%) and increased weights on all his benchmarks.

Tom Calef improved his benchmark 2 wod by 5:20. Thats crazy!!!

Blake lost 8.4lbs, Joey lost 7lbs, and Eric Finished Fran even though he didn’t want to, but Mrs. Differ wouldnt let him stop.

1st Place Female
Chrissy Boucher
Lost 12lbs(8.2%)
Improved benchmark 2 by :52 and improved Fran from 6:26 to 6:07RX. At this low of a time for fran even :05 is a huge improvement.
253 Paleo Points (1st)

2nd Place Female
Denise Stavros
Lost 13lbs(9.2%)
Improved Benchmark 2 by 2:46!!!
222 Paleo Points (10th)

Female Honorable Mentions:
Cassie Santos 13.2lbs(5.9%) and 245 Paleo Points(4th), Matti Reilly 7.6lbs(5.4%), improved both benchmarks by 1:25 and 1:29, Jenn Burneikia lost 8.2lbs(4.9%) and improved both benchmarks by over a minute each and finished with a 5:40 Fran RX, Dyan Lazaron improved 1:32 on Fran(6:25rx)
and 1:14 on benchmark 2, Jamie Welch lost 7.8lbs, Katy lost 7.2lbs, Elizabeth lost 5lbs, Jean lost 5lbs and Tricia Fredricks had almost 5 minutes improvement on both benchmark wods combined. 




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