CFB 2016 Sumertime Challenge Winners!!!

July 01, 2016

Finally the results are in and we had some amazing transformations as usual!!!

It was a great way to kick off the summer and we hope that all the participants will continue to follow a Paleo lifestyle for the summer and for the rest of eternity…lol!

We have some awesome prize packs for our winners. Customized Nike Metcons, Clean EATS Delivery gift certificates, supplements and more!!! Congrats again to all the participants and winners!

1st Place Overall
Dennis Morin

1st Place in weight loss – 22lbs (10% of body weight)
1st Place in Paleo Points
1st Place in Fitness Improvements.

Dennis told me he was going to go all in and try to win this challenge from day one and he did it!!! He was not cocky he was just determined. He put in extra work before and after class each week and he mainted a strict paleo diet the entire four weeks. If you have seen Dennis in class lately you know the huge improvements this has made in his fitness and his lifestyle. Dennis is one of our founding members and has been with us for over 5 years. He can tell you that fitness and wellness is a lifestyle and it will always have its ups and downs but when surrounded by the right people and the energy of CFB you can accomplish anything.

2nd Place (Tie)
Tricia Fredricks

2nd Place in weight loss – 8.5lbs (5.9% of bodyweight)
5th in Paleo Points
2nd in Fitness Improvements – :11 seconds decrease on 400m, 3+ Pullups and 2+ Reps on the WOD.

Tricia had some ups and downs during this challenge but she stuck it out and finished strong. Tricia is at CFB almost everyday at 9am and even squeeks in a few extra credit bootcamps at 7:30pm. She always walks in with a smile, gives it all she has every wod and is always focused on getting better. She has dramatically improved over the last few months and we cant wait to see what her next accomplishment is. Tricia has been working with me and following the Gladiator Diet for a while now and she knows how to lock it in when she wants results and she gets it!!!

2nd Place (Tie)
Michele Anderson

3rd Place in weight loss – 9.2lbs (5.8% of bodyweight)
3rd Place in Paleo Points
4th Place in Fitness Improvements – 5+ Pullups, 1+ Rep on the WOD, :02 second decrease on 400m Run

It was too close to call between Tricia and Michele and they both deserve the second place finish!!! Michele is another athlete that is “there to train” every day. There is no messing around with Michele!!! The shoes come off and it’s gametime!!! Her fitness improvements and strength improvements are unmatched. She is a true competitor and continues to work on all her weaknesses to get better! Michele and I have also been working on her meal planning for a few months now and she has reached all her short term goals. Besdies the challenge Michele also had added weightloss in the few weeks prior. She was down a total of 13.2lbs in 6 weeks!!

3rd Place
Joan Gamble

4th Place in weight loss – 8.4lbs (5.8% of bodyweight)
4th Place in Paleo Points
5th Place in Fitness Improvements – :11 second decrease on 400m Run and 3+ Pullups.

Joanie is another lifetime member at CFB. I think she came with the building along with Page when I arrived on the scene. Gone are the days of Joanie doing step ups on a 6inch reebok step, using two green bands, or empty 15# barbell WODs. Joan has dramatically improved her fitness over the past 5 years. At 62 years old she can deadlift 225lbs and run a mile in about 10 minutes. I don’t know a lot of other 60+ women or men out in this world that can do that!!! Joan does all this so she can stay strong and healthy to take care of her family and especially her daughter Tiffany. With the heart of a lion, little Joanie is stronger than ever and can be that rock her family needs.



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