CFB Summer Time Challenge!!!

May 18, 2016

Hey CFB Gladiators,
We are super excited to get this challenge kicked off. Our gladiators at CFD have launched their challenge already this week and ours will start this Friday May 20th and end Friday June 17th. 

This year we are giving away a FREE PAIR OF CUSTOMIZED NIKE METCONS to the winner and some other great prizes for 2nd and 3rd place. The challenge will be scored on fitness improvements from the benchmark WOD, body composition and weight loss, diet points, and before and after pics. 

To register, you must sign up on the sheet posted on events board, pay an entry fee of $20, have all your measurements done by Sunday, complete the benchmark workout by Sunday, and agree to keep an honest account of your diet points. You must also take a before and after to pic to qualify for the prizes. Men preferably with shirts off, ladies preferably with sports bra or tank tops, in order to show as much change as possible. Front, side and back pictures would be great!!!

The benchmark workout and measurements will be programmed into class for Friday but you have till Sunday to make them up if you miss them. 

We will post a Google doc on our website that you will be required to enter in each day’s diet points. You must also enter in your benchmark WOD scores there. 

The coaches will team up to keep you all on track during this four week challenge. We will start a Facebook group for all of the participants, so we can focus on the best results possible. 

The Diet Points will be scored as follows:

Perfect Day = 5 Points
(no cheats)

Mediocre Day = 3 points
(1 small cheat)

Bad Day = 0 Points
(2 or more cheats)

Bonus Points
1 point for WOD at CFB
1 point for 8 Hours Sleep
1 point for drinking 1/2 bodyweight in ounces if water

You will add these bonus points to your Perfect, Mediocore and Bad days. For example If you have a BAD Day but sleep 8 hrs, get a wod in and drink all your water you will still get 3 points (0 + 3 bonus points). So a PERFECT Day with all 3 Bonus points will give you 8 Total Points and that will be the best score you can get.

Since its the Summer Time Challenge and we all need to be sane and enjoy ourselves a little, We will allow ONE 6-8oz. glass of red or white wine or 1oz. of tequilla per night. No, you can not save up each night’s allowance during the week for the weekends…lol. Even with this rule, we strongly suggest that you restrict empty calories and stick to a healthy Paleo Lifestyle throughout the challenge. The less you consume alcohol on this challenge the better your results will be.

What is considered a cheat?
-anything with wheat or gluten
-anything with high fructose corn syrup
-anything with dairy
-anything with processed ingredients
-any sweets that are not 100% paleo
-any alcohol besides the one glass of wine or one ounce of tequilla allowance

Perfect Days will be mostly Paleo and consist of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, nuts and seeds. Some Non-gluten grains will be allowed like quinoa, brown rice and gluten free oatmeal. These grains should only be consummed post workout or possibly at lunch if you workout late in the evening. Some people are more sensitive to these carbohydrates and should stay away from them for the best weightloss.

Coffee is allowed. Whey protien is allowed pre or post workout. Only one -Quest-Paleo Naturals or other Paleo bars are allowed per day.  100% maple syrup, organic honey and Stevia(green) are allowed in moderation as a sweetener but you are not allowed regular Sugar, Splenda(yellow), Sweet n Low(pink) or Equal(blue). 

Here is a great link for a sample diet and meal plan from the Lurong Challenge :

If anyone has anymore questions or if you are interested in your own personal diet and meal plan to follow during this challenge then please email me at [email protected] and we can set up a consultation.

Who will be the Fittest in Four Weeks???



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