CFD Challenge Results

March 06, 2016

Congratulations to everyone that took part in the Paleo Vs. Macro Fitness Challenge. The results were amazing. Although the challenge involved two different diets one quality that all the winners shared was consistency. It is very difficult to try something new but even more difficult to be consistent and stay with it. Because of their consistency, our winners names appeared at the top of the lists for all the scoring aspects of the challenge.

We had 37 total participants in the challenge, 26 paleo dieters and 11 Macro dieters. Dieters from both groups appeared in the top 5 in workout improvements, total inches lost, percentage of weight lost, and percentage of body of fat lost. 
In 1st place overall was Ron Bonito (Macro Group). Ron finished 1st in percentage of weight lost at 5.33% for a total of 9.2 lbs, 2nd in percentage of body fat lost at 10.1%, and 2nd in workout improvement. Ron was the epitome of consistency throughout the challenge. His workouts continue to improve and his physical changes are visible. Ron’s intensity is contagious in class. Congrats on your win Ron!
There was a tie for 2nd place between Brenda Powers (Paleo Group) and Ashley Robbins-Perry (Paleo Group). Brenda finished 2nd in percentage of weight lost with 4.68%, 1st in total inches with 10.25 inches, and improved her FRAN time by 4:36. Ashley lost a total of 7 inches, was 3rd in WOD improvement improving in WOD #2 by 3:59, and 5th in percentage of wt. lost, losing 4.1% of her body weight.
Dave Lambert (Paleo Group) finished the challenge in 3rd place. Dave finished the challenge losing 7.25 inches, 3rd overall. Dave improved his FRAN time by 2:24 and improved WOD#2 by 4:27, the most of any participant. Dave’s wife, Melissa, also crushed the challenge improving her FRAN time by 4:36, the best improvement of any participant. Couples that WOD together stay together!

Honorable mention goes to Kate Frias who lost 11.1% body fat doing MACROS and Steph Sousa who lost 8.8% body fat eating Paleo.



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