CFD Lifestyle Challenge Result

March 07, 2017

CrossFit Dartmouth Paleo/Macro Fitness Challenge Results

The Results are in…and they are AMAZING! Congratulations to everyone that participated in the challenge. As you can see, the members that followed the plan saw amazing results. If you are interested in a customized diet plan we can help. We have diet plans to fit all body types and various goals (weight loss/muscle mass gain)

1st Place

JMo (Jess) and Jenn

-1st in total Weight Lost
-1st in % Body Weight Lost
-3rd in Team Points
-Jess lost 20 lbs and 9.4% of her Body weight (both 1st Overall)
-Jenn lost 12 lbs. and 7.6% of her Body weight (3rd Overall).
-Jenn was 1st overall in WOD Improvement

2nd Place
Randi and Justin

-2nd in % Body Weight Lost
-1st in Body Fat % Lost
-6th in Total Team Points
-Justin Lost 16 lbs. (3rd Overall) and 6.5% of Total Body Weight (4th Overall)
-Justin Lost 5% Body Fat dropping from 17% to 12%
-Randi Lost 5% of her Total Body weight
-Randi Lost 6.3% Body Fat (2nd Overall) dropping from 26% to 19% Body fat

3rd Place
Kayla and Jasmine

-3rd in Total Weight Lost
-3rd in % Body Weight Lost
-2nd in Inches Lost
-Jasmine lost 18.4 lbs (2nd Overall) and 7.7% of her Total Body Weight (2nd Overall)
-Kayla lost 4.7% Body Fat

Individual Honorable Mentions

-Lost 5.7% of her Total Body Weight (5th Overall)
-3rd in WOD Improvement
-2nd in Total Inches Lost

-Lost 14 lbs
-5th in WOD Improvement
-2nd in Team Points with his better looking better half Steph

Winners see coach Justin for Prizes.
Thanks Everyone for Participating. We will have another Challenge in a couple months leading up to bathing suit season. Let your coaches know what type of challenge you would like, Individual or Team.

– Coach Justin



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