CFG6 12.5 "Track Triplet"

July 17, 2012

More Sled pictures Coming!




Bar Muscle ups
Hips to Bar(Rings)
Jumping Muscle Ups

15 minutes Snatch Practice up to Heavy Weight

CFG6 12.5
“Track Triplet”
3 Rounds
8 Split Snatches Alternate side (115,75)
7 Bar Muscle Ups or Rings
400m Run

L1- (96,65)
Sub 14 MU Transitions for MU

L2- (75,45)
Sub 14 Jumping Muscle Ups with full dip or Hip to Rings

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  1. Mark Reply

    15 something for the workout
    95 for snatches and hips to rings for transitions
    Run felt good
    Just happy to get through snatches without hurting my back again

  2. D$ Reply

    L1. time unknown. HOT as a MOFO on the run. Still sweating…

  3. Andrea Reply

    13:07 (55#, mu transitions)

    Went light because of my elbow. Frustrating!

  4. Wilhuntforfood Reply

    Team RAC
    Fog cutter
    Power cleans (155,105)
    Hand stand push up
    Chest 2bars
    200 m run

    Tim 14:59, modified,95 lb hand release push ups, 2x ab mat situps
    Andy 19:52 135 lb
    Brian 17:02 135 lb
    Boob 19:35, 95 lb

  5. Kristin Reply

    14:34 with 75#
    Muscle up transitions need lots of work, split snatch form too
    Anything with a run isn’t all bad!

  6. Big Sexy Reply

    Track triplet
    Sat @Reebok CrossFit One – 12:23 (115#, 7 c2b, 7 ring dips)
    Tuesday @CFB – 14:43 (115#, 14 mu jump transitions w/full ring dip)

    Congrats to Pat and Justin on their 1st muscle ups today. One more week and I will get one, gotta get it before lil jc pops out!

  7. JC Reply

    Track triplet 11:09rx
    –1st and 2nd round unbroken bar MU

    Nugz crushed me though 10:??

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