Cinco de WODo

May 02, 2012

“Flying Mexican”?

We are excited about this weekends Event!
Right now we only have a 7 teams signed up on the board. We need about 20 teams!!!
This is going to be a Fun WOD for all levels. You can pair up with a scaled or RX person. Try and make male and female teams but if not same sex will be ok.
Get your names on the board and let’s have fun!!!

Also if you are not able to make it Saturday and still want to contribute we will be selling raffle tickets Tomorrow and Friday for 3 Red Sox tickets.

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  1. JesC Reply

    Add Darren & Jess to the list. Still haven’t figured out a name tho yet

  2. currin Reply

    Courtney, we need a name…

    how about: Crossfitting como un loco (Crossfitting like crazy)

    or Dennis’ favorite: Cuál es su tiempo de Fran? (what’s your fran time?)

    I love this Google translator.

    • D$ Reply

      That’s funny Currin…both are fitting. Good luck!! or Buena suerte!!

  3. willhuntforfood Reply

    JC, I am out, competing in the Great Urban Race on Saturday in Boston!

    Have fun and thanks for the invite!

  4. courtney Reply

    Currin lets do Crossfitting como un loco!!!
    I can’t wait to win!! : )

  5. Tank Reply

    Tank and Candy Savage are a team aka “The Scream Rabies”

    I just haven’t been there since I ran the Tough Mudder to sign up on the board!

    can someone add me to the list?

  6. CC Engine Reply

    Anyone not have a partner yet and wanna partner with me?!? 🙂 JC said we can mix RX & Scaled! How do you say Engine in spanish – Caboose?? Lol! Hey it will be fun and still donating for our two top women! Lmk.

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