March 27, 2016

This is it Gladiators!!! The day we have all been training for!!! The final day of the OPEN!!! It’s been a great experience and we have learned a lot about ourselves and our fitness. We have been extremely impressed with the results and scores the Gladiators have been achieving each and every week. Everyone has improved from last year and some of us have even improved since week one of the open. You now know your pain threshold, you know your tolerance, you know your redline, you know what you are made of, and now it is time to finish the job that we all started 5 weeks ago!!! Let’s go gladiators!!! Kill them all!!!

Warm up
10 Minutes Aerobic

Hips, shoulders, front rack

WOD Specific Warm up
4-5 Rounds
6 Thusters (add weight each set and get slightly above the RX weight)
6 Bar Facing Burpees
20 double Unders

Retest OPEN 16.5



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