COMPETITORS 4.23.16/4.24.16

April 22, 2016

Pick either Saturday or Sunday to rest and  do the work on the other day. Competitors competing be smart of what you do tomorrow. Prepare for comp on Sunday, hydrate and get plenty of sleep. We have an early day on Sunday. 

Teams of 2 Relay race
4 Rounds
200m Run
20 Wallballs
tag partner

Every :90 for 5 sets
Power Clean + 5 second eccentric (lowering) to low hang postion, hold for 1 second at the Hang, then Hang Squat Clean @ 77.5%

Teams of 2
400m Plate Run
50 Hand release Pushups
50 Plate Thrusters
50 Sit ups (each)
50 OH Plate Walking Lunge
400m Plate Run
The two partners will start the run together, one partner must hold the plate and you can switch whenever. During the HR Pushups and Situps one partner will hold the plate in a bear hug, while other partner performs pushups or situps. While one partner is performing overhead Lunges and thrusters they must hold the plate themselves. You can break up the reps between partners any how, except for the situps you must complete 50 each but you can switch on and off whenever. Try and partner with someone that is the same ability in order to use the same weight.

WEIGHT: (45,35)

1. 4-6×8 Reps Bent Over Dumbell or Barbell Rows –not pendlay rows, bar does not touch the ground.
2. 4-6×8 Turkish Get ups (4 each)”



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