Competitors 4/1/16

March 31, 2016


We are excited to start our new strength cycle next week!!!

We have teamed up with Cal Strength and the Barbell WOD, used by Noah Olsen and other top CrossFit athletes, to bring you the best possible Strength and Olympic Lifting program we can, to get us strong as fuck for next season!!!

The Gladiator Barbell Performance Team will be implementing the Cal Strength program right into our Competition Team programming and will continue to train for upcoming CrossFit and Grid Competitions throughout the year.

We are also excited to announce our South Coast Barbell Club. Starting at CrossFit Dartmouth. This program will also follow the Cal Strength Barbell WOD on a 5 day schedule for Weightlifting Only or the 3 Day Cross Training program.

Today will be a testing day, lets stay on the 15 minute caps for each lift.

A. 15 Minutes to Establish
1 RM Snatch

B. 15 Minutes to Establish
1 RM Clean

C. 15 Minutes to Establish
1 RM Jerk ofF Blocks or Racks

D. 15 Minutes to Eatablish
1 RM Front Squat

4 x 500m Row
1 Minute rest



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