CrossFit Dartmouth Fall Challenge and PotLuck Party!!!

September 22, 2018

Hey Everyone,

We are super excited about CrossFit Dartmouth’s  Fall Fitness and Weight-loss Challenge starting October 1st and will run for 6 weeks up to November 9th. This challenge is open to new and old members and is a great way to get back on track. We will be hosting a Paleo Potluck on Friday September 28th at 7pm at CrossFit Dartmouth to kick off the challenge. Please bring your favorite crock pot recipe or any of your favorite Paleo dishes, also BYOB, it’s your last Hoorah. This will be a strict Paleo Challenge and we will going over all the health benefits of Paleo and why we know this is the best diet for you and your lifestyle. Jason will be giving a nutrition talk on Friday around 730pm during the potluck. Again, even if you are not a current member and want to join the challenge this will be a great way to start back up.
This Challenge we have some amazing prizes!!!
1st Place will win their own personal Barbell from Rogue Fitness (up to $250)
2nd Place will win a New Pair of Nanos or Lifters from Reebok (up to $150)
3rd Place will win a $50 credit to the CFD Store, towards your membership or towards a massage with AMANDA!!!
The entry fee for the Challenge is only $30 for current members and $99 for past-members (includes 6 weeks of workouts)
—————We will need at least 25 Participants to enter in order to receive these great prizes———
Look forward to helping everyone reach their next goals and cant wait to see the results!!!
Here are some details on the challenge and the points system we use to score your Paleo Diet. The winners will be chosen based on your Fitness improvements, body measurements and Paleo Points:

The Fall 2018 Challenge is a 40 Day Challenge. This challenge starts on Monday October 1st and end on Friday November 9th. You will be required to enter your paleo points on the poster board each and every day, you can obviously catch up if you miss a day of workouts, keeping a journal of your “paleo points” and food intake is suggested but not required. We love using the myfitnesspal app to log our food and this will allow you to share it with your coach if you need more help. You are required to enter your points all the way until the last Thursday night of the challenge and weigh in on the Friday or Saturday of that weekend. You may weigh in a few days before the challenge ends but you still have to enter your points through the entire week.  After the complete 40 days of strict paleo you will have definitely earned yourself a REWARD meal but it’s a lifestyle and you don’t want to ruin all your results. We will also follow this up with a maintenance challenge throughout the holidays. Let’s do this!!!


Perfect Day = 5 Points
(no cheats)

Mediocre Day = 3 points
(1 small cheat)

Bad Day = 0 Points
(2 or more cheats)

Bonus Points
1 point for WOD at the BOX (mobility and endurance workouts will count if in the gym)
1 point for 8 Hours Sleep
1 point for drinking 1/2 bodyweight in ounces if water

You will add these bonus points to your Perfect, Mediocre and Bad days. For example If you have a BAD Day but sleep 8 hrs, get a wod in and drink all your water you will still get 3 points (0 + 3 bonus points). So a PERFECT Day with all 3 Bonus points will give you 8 Total Points and that will be the best score you can get.

What is considered a cheat?
-anything with wheat or gluten
-anything with high fructose corn syrup
-anything with dairy
-anything with processed ingredients
-any sweets that are not 100% paleo
-any alcohol

Perfect Days will be 100% Paleo and consist of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, nuts and seeds.

Coffee is allowed. Whey protein is allowed pre or post workout.
Only one -RX Bar- Atlas Bar-Quest-Paleo Naturals or other Paleo bars are allowed per day.
100% maple syrup, organic honey and Stevia(green) are allowed in moderation as a sweetener but you are NOT ALLOWED regular Sugar, Splenda(yellow), Sweet n Low(pink) or Equal(blue).

Here is a great link for a sample diet and meal plan from the Paleo Plan :

Here is my favorite recipe website:

If anyone has anymore questions or if you are interested in your own personal diet and meal plan to follow during this challenge then please email Jason at [email protected] or Justin at [email protected] and we can set up a consultation.

Who will be the Fittest in 6 Weeks???

Good Luck,
Jason and Justin and the CFD Staff!!!



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