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February 17, 2013

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Programming for the OPENs
This is toughest and most crucial time of the year for our program. The next few weeks we must continue to build our engines so we are primed for the OPEN WODs. During the 5 Week OPEN Competition we must maintain our fitness engines and be fully recovered to obtain the best possible scores each week. We have had great success with our athletes repeating the OPEN WODs twice. Almost always they would improve on the second attempt. The schedule during the OPEN season training will be as follows.

Athletes trying to make Regionals:
Monday : training
Tuesday : training
Wednesday : rest
Thursday : OPEN WOD
Friday : training
Saturday : rest
Sunday : OPEN WOD at CFB

All other Athletes:
We will perform the OPEN WOD on Thursday with normal class times. This will still be a friendly competition like atmosphere. Each athlete will have a judge and they will post their scores online to get ranked in the world.

We have decided to Follow Ben Bergeron’s CrossFit New England Programming for the next few week leading up to and through the 5 Week OPEN competition. Ben is known as one of the best coaches and programmers in the Sport of Fitness. His programming is trusted and tested every year. In 2010 Team CFNE was the runner up in the CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup, In 2011 Team CFNE won the Affiliate Cup Gold Medal, 1st Place, with a little help from Coach Blade and JC, and then returned again in 2012 to defend their title. He knows what it takes to be an Elite Exerciser. He has a six sense of guessing what CF HQ will throw at us in the Opens, Regionals and the Games. Because of this we feel this is the best possible program for us right now. Most of our Coach’s have already been following Ben’s Competitors Blog. Now we will be blending the Competitors Blog and the CFNE Blog for our members to have all the tools they need to be ready for the UNKNOWN!!!

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