Dartmouth Location

Let us warn you, do not try to compare our CrossFit membership fees with other gyms or even other local CrossFit affiliates. At CrossFit Dartmouth you are paying for premier coaching/instruction, workout programming, and community. We do all the planning for you and you will benefit from our experience and knowledge. In a regular gym you are normally paying a flat fee to come in and use their equipment. We are not like regular gyms. We focus on each member by assisting you to achieve the levels of fitness you desire. Every time you step through our doors you will become better, fitter and stronger.

We program your daily workouts for you, continually instruct each and every movement, offer nutritional and programming advice if desired, and guide you through scaling and developments in your workouts every time you walk in the door.

You should compare our group training prices to personal training rates. Personal training rates range between $40-$60/hour. Our rates range between $6-$8/hour and our results are far superior!

If you take full advantage of what CrossFit Dartmouth has to offer we believe you get every penny worth what you spend.

The only way to understand what we do is to come visit us, so sign up for a FREE TRIAL CLASS @ http://dartmouthcrossfit.com/try-dartmouth/ We offer many days and times to accommodate your busy life.


*Access to over 4000 sq/ft of PURE CrossFit
*Childrens Play Area (not supervised)
*Quality Coaching by Experienced Athletes
*Nutritional Counseling and Exercise Prescription

Unlimited Training Memberships

(includes all specialty Classes)
$139/month plus FREE Elements(Beginners) Course

Limited Memberships

12 Sessions Per Month Membership
$119/month plus FREE Elements(Beginners) Course

Family Packages

Add 1 Family Member for $75/month to Unlimited Package
Add Each Additional Family Member for $50/month

Active Military and First Responder Discounts

$109/month Unlimited training Free Elements(Beginners) Cours

Student Discounts

$99/month Unlimited Membership

Drop In Policy

We do not permit anyone unfamiliar with CrossFit to drop in for a CrossFit workout. We do welcome drop ins by anyone with CrossFit experience who is visiting the area.
$15 per drop in or Buy a T-shirt and your first visit is free.

Cancelation Policy

All memberships require a 30-day cancellation in either written or email form