September 23, 2015

Thanks again to all our Fans, Sponsors and Supporters. Without all of you cheering us on back home we would have never been able to accomplish anything out in Cali. Thanks for being there for us and thanks for understanding all the hard work that we put into it and appreciating all the hard work that we put back into the gym. 


We will be celebrating the victory with all our Fans at Dave and Busters located at the Providence Place Mall on Friday October 2nd around 7pm. please join us for some fun games and a few adult beverages.

Also, be on the look out for the next Paleo Potluck. October 17th is the tentative date. More info coming soon.

12 minutes of:
10 wall Balls (20/15)
10 wall ball situps
10 Off Slam Ball Push Ups
10 walnb ball vtwists
200m Run w/ Ball

CORE (6)
200 ABMAT Situps for time
8 minute cap

– 30 seconds each, 3x through
Wall Walks
Bike or Row
KB Sumo High Pulls
Box Dips
KB Thruster (1-Kb)
Wall Sits at 90 degrees
Then Run 400m
– Complete in order
– Both partners complete the runs, but otherwise can trade off as needed
– Only one partner works at a time
200m Run
200 Cross Body Mountain Climbers (1+1=1)
200m KBs Farmer Carry(32/24)
200 Barbell Back Squats (45/35)
200m Run
(15 minute cap)



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