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September 26, 2012


The time has come to announce the full weekend event schedule. Heats, a schedule of days events, and times will be emailed to all competitors and posted by Thursday evening. All competitors will participate in 6 scored events. The top 8 in the Men and Women’s RX and Scaled divisions, and the Top 4 in each of the Master’s Divisions will compete in a Seventh WOD for prizes!

SATURDAY 29 September

Workout 1 

9min. AMRAP

RX: 30 Power Clean, 30 Front Squat, 100 Double Unders  135#/95#

Scaled – Same movements and reps, weights will be 95#/65# with 50 Double Unders OR 200 Singles (4 singles count as 1 double)

At the start of each round you must choose one or the other, you cannot mix and match, 120 singles and 20 doubles.

Workout 2

6min. to find 5RM Push Press/Push Jerk

Barbell will start from floor (first rep only).  You cannot split jerk weight.  Once you put weight on you cannot take it off, if you do 60 sec penalty.   Arms must fully lockout with weight under control at the top for each rep.

Workout 3 

10min. Time Limit

1000M Row, 50 Thrusters 45#, AMRAP Burpees

Everyone uses same weight.  There will be NO STRAPS on the rower.

Workout 4   

5min. to find Max. Weight of Left plus Right Arms

1 handed deadlift.  Must hold at top for a one one thousand count.

SUNDAY 30 September

Workout 5

12min. AMRAP

RX: 10 Over The Box Jumps (30/24), 20 Wall Balls (20/14) to 10′ Mark

Must JUMP onto Box

Scaled: 10 Over The Box Jumps (24/20), 20 Wall Balls (14/10) to 10′ Mark

Can Step onto Box, do not have to jump.

Workout 6

7min. AMRAP

RX: 21 Hand Release Push Ups, 21 KB Swings 32kg/24kg

Arms must be fully extended overhead

Scaled:Scaled: 21 KB Swings 24kg/16 kg, 21 Push Ups (Chest to AbMat)


To Be Announced After Workout 6.  Without giving the workout away, we have 18 foot ceilings and ropes, if that matters to anyone.



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