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January 04, 2015
Garrett has lost 100 lbs doing Crossfit and the paleo diet.

Garrett has lost 100 lbs doing Crossfit and the paleo diet.

When Garrett Gomes did his first CrossFit workout, he had no idea the fitness program would be his ticket to shedding nearly 100 pounds and cutting the athletic figure of a new man.

“I’ve always been athletic, I’ve always been competitive, I’ve played sports my whole life,” said Gomes, a social worker in New Bedford.

A recent knee injury rendered him unable to play his favorite sport — basketball.

Doctors told him he needed to lose weight, saying every pound you weigh is seven pounds of pressure on your knees.

That’s when he found CrossFit in May of 2012 and now he attends the gym no less than five times a week.

It’s the camaraderie amongst “CrossFitters” that inspires the brothers Gomes (see Wade’s story here) to return so often.

“Everyone motivates each other and that’s nothing like going to the gym,” Gomes said. “It’s more like playing sports and you’re cheering for the last person, helping them along, clapping, ‘Come on, go, you can do it.’ I never got that going to the gym, even with a partner.”

“It’s a cult,” Gomes said. “I’ll say it straight out. I drank the Kool-Aid. But it’s a good one to be a part of. I’m healthy, I’m eating healthier than I’ve ever eaten in my life.”

CrossFitters are known for their devotion to the Paleo Diet, where lean meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, roots and nuts replace cereals, dairy, salt and processed fats and sugars, according to the journal Food and Nutrition Research.

Gomes was a heavy hitter at the start. At 6-foot-3, he weighed 320 pounds. Now, less than a year into CrossFit, he’s eight pounds shy of losing 100 pounds.

Gomes gives big credit to the diet, saying he’s essentially 80 percent paleo and 20 percent indulgence.

Asked if CrossFit is a fit for everyone, Gomes said there are certain conditions.

“As long as you have an open mind and you’re competitive and you’re health oriented, I think it’s good for anybody.”

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From an article in the Standard Times.



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