Great Job in September

October 11, 2011

September Achievements
Craig DL 370
FS 235
BS 280
Jerk 175
50 Unbroken DU’s
Page Sq Clean 105
Jessica C. 500m Row 1:56
Blade 2k Row 8:08
OHS 155
“Fran” 3:35
Snatch 130
First Ring HSPU
C&J 165
Hug a Nugz OHS 225
Snatch 175
“Nancy” 14:37
FGB 402
Justin Jerk 265
FS 315
JC OHS 225
Having the sexiest dance moves known to man kind
Colleen 20 Unbroken DU’s
Chris Not just 1…6 Muscle Ups !
Joao 3 Muscle Ups !
Bobby Bananas 29 Pull ups
Kristen Fight Gone Bad 309
Bravo OHS 205
Snatch 155
Press 195
DL 365
Jenn FS 135
Amy FS 135
Jerk 115
Becky 32″ Box Jump
Brian 34″ BJ
Jake 19″ BJ
Jimmy 29″ Box Jump

This month CFB had it’s game face on…Especially Bravo, Kass and Kristen who all competed for the first time and made us all proud. Special thanks to Page when you see her for our new super sexy sign! THANK YOU PAGINATOR..WE LOVE YOU!

Lots of new faces in October…make sure to introduce yourself and help out if someone looks lost. Nothin’ but love…that’s how CFB rolls!



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