Halloween Monday

October 28, 2011

Hey CFB Family,
Monday is Halloween. Get 3 Paleo Points for WODing in full costume.

Our friends from CFNE no how to rock it!!!

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  1. Jrisk Reply

    So in, coming as Vinny from jersey shore, obvi!!

    • Sonia Cormier Reply

      No…you are supposed to get a costume! LOL ; )

  2. Cuch Reply

    Boooo…I have class!! Take pics!

  3. Jrisk Reply

    Lol very funny Blade! You’ll see!

  4. Zak Lord Reply

    Risky Biz … It would be a lot more funny if you came as snookie …. Do it

  5. Jrisk Reply

    Lol I can’t do a WOD in pumps!

    • currin Reply

      doing a WOD in pumps is like wearing a 20lb vest… it will only make you stronger/faster for the future… This is a proven crossfit method..

      Rock it!

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