Hartford Throwdown Recap

July 01, 2012

Blade and JC!


Congrats to all the competitors this weekend!!!
Kickass Kass came in 2nd overall at the Hartford Throwdown. Coach Nugz with an impressive 11th. Hal held strong with the open division and would have definitely been 1st if there was a masters division.
Out of the 3 CFB teams top finish went to team “Sexy Beast”! The girls carried them…jk…lol.
On a serious note, Everyone crushed it and I’m so proud of all our competitors. For a lot of them it was there first time and they were scared but they showed up, put there game faces on and shined like true competitors. Collz and Ryan Blake excelled under the spot light, Andrea and Ali B fought their heart out and Team Sexy Beast (Justin, Justin, Corrin, Maaike) showed us they all have what it takes to be serious competitors next season. I can’t wait to see team CFB next open season. Congrats to everyone!!!! Whoa ha…TTF!!!

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  1. JohnF Reply

    Awesome job representing CFB yesterday everybody.

    And Kass, Bruce and Hal finishing that high was amazing for each of you, there were a ton of people competing yesterday, nice work!

  2. Ryan Blake Reply

    So…. Do we get a point per wod on
    Saturday so we don’t have to see lots
    Of zeros? Lol

  3. CC Engine Reply

    Congrats again everybody! Love my cfb family!! & love those pics!! Lol! 😉

  4. Risky business Reply

    I don’t really follow on how the girls carried us? Lol

    Besides that great job everyOne!

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