Internal Throwdown

December 05, 2013

Final Announcements for the Internal Throwdown!!!

1) This is for FUN!  This is for all levels, beginners should test the scaled division and our more experienced athletes can test the RX division. This is a great way to get your first little competition under your belt. Scaled and RX male and female may also combine for the scaled division.
2) Arrive at CFDartmouth at 8am for registration. 8:30am will be athlete meeting and WOD standards. 9am will be the 1st Heat. All Athletes will be required to judge the round before/after them. CFD will judge CFB and vice versa.
3) Parking is available on both sides of our building and down Connecticut Ave. Please do not park within the “White Marked” parking spots in front of a few local homes and on the corners of the streets.
4) AFTER PARTY!!! We will be going to Lunch after the WOD at Buster’s Sports Bar and Grill in Dartmouth. Please Join us there.
5) There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners for the SCALED and RX Divisions for WODS 1 and 2. Then a bonus WOD will be announced between the top 3 teams from each box. These teams of 6 people will compete in a final WOD for the CFB/CFD Trophy!

WOD 1 (slight change)
“Barbell Bananza”
50 Deadlifts (225)(135) Scaled (135)(95)
50 Clean and Jerks (135)(95) Scaled (95)(65)
50 Snatches (95)(65) Scaled (65)(45)
400m Partner Barbell Run (65) Scaled (45)
–You will now have two barbells. Only one athlete will work at a time but you may split up the 50 reps however you want. After each movement is completed you must strip the bar down to the required weight for the next movement, you can not start the next movement until both bars are set. Once the 50 snatches are completed then both athletes will pick up the bar and run 400m carrying the barbell anyhow. Both athletes and the barbell must travel the entire 400 meters.

“What does the BOX say?”
20 Burpees
30 OH Plate Front Lunges (45,25) Scaled (25,10)
40 KB Swings (53,35) Scaled (35,25)
50 Games Style Box Jumps (24,20) Scaled (20,16)step ups allowed
Tag Partner
50 Games Style Box Jumps (24,20) Scaled (20,16)step ups allowed
40 KB Swings (53,35) Scaled (35,25)
30 OH Plate Front Lunges (45,25) Scaled (25,10)
20 Burpees
Both athletes must stand on the box to finish
–One athlete starts on the burpees and completes the entire chipper up to the box jumps, once he/she has completed the 50 box jumps then you will tag your partner in and they will start on the box jumps and work their way back down through the chipper and finish on the burpees. Then both athletes must stand and finish on the box.

1st, 2nd and 3rd Place will be awarded to Scaled and RX Divisions after WOD’s 1 and 2

TOP 3 Teams from each box will combine to make  two Super teams of 6

These two Teams will Compete for the CFB/CFD Trophy

It will be a Regionals Team WOD with modified weights (maybe)



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  1. CC Engine Reply

    Miss my CFB this week! 🙁 Hope to go to CFD tomorrow AM!
    Home WOD today- 100 push ups, 100 mat sit ups, 100 air squats.
    12:39. Best time ever for me. Felt strong and push ups were slightly on knees. first time I can say they actually felt great, all of them!
    Stretched and going to take a walk with Jack and Lucky 🙂

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