Jason's Birthday Extravaganza

February 21, 2012

JC Fierce

I love you, my KING. Xo

Fabulous hair!!!

Jason’s Birthday Extravaganza
Please help us celebrate this Friday night @ The Charlie Horse in West Bridgewater. Dinner @ 7:30 followed by another extraordinary performance by JC and his bowling ball, a.k.a “The Black Widow”!
Please RSVP to Blade in comments if you can make it to dinner, bowling, or both.
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  1. SoniaBlade Reply

    Happy Birthday Baby 😉

  2. currin Reply

    Alison and I are down to grab some dinner…

    Honey badger isn’t scared of a puny black widow!!

    • Sonia Blade Reply

      No, it isn’t !!!!

  3. Risky Business Reply

    I’m in for a celebration, haven’t had a night out in awhile!

  4. Peter Cipolletti Reply

    I can’t believe J and I use the same ball… I’ll check with the pregnant ass wife and see if I can play after competition time USA!


  5. Page Lockhart Reply

    Count me in!

  6. "CC" Engine Reply

    LOVE the pics Sonia! Seen em before, but now they memorialized for all time! Lol! And you know I’ll be there, to kick my son’s ass at bowlin! Yeah right!! 🙂

  7. Portuguese Rooster Reply

    Hey Fabio! Looking good after all these years.

  8. Kara Reply

    Awwwww!!! Sonia, ur the best!!! 😀
    Wish I could be there, but I have to work :/
    Happy, happy Birthday, Coach Jason!!! Have fun, Gladiators!!!

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