Jennifer Burnieika

November 21, 2014
Jen showing her rope-climbing skills

Showing her rope-climbing skills

So I went into this Lurong challenge in September just wanting to get back on track after a crazy fun summer. I never thought I would win my division, Lose 20 lbs and 10.5 inches! And gain 3k worth of prizes! Crazy

Honestly joining crossfit was one of the scariest and best moments of my life. I should have known the minute it made me really uncomfortable, it was going to make me better.

The list to thank is huge! Michele Anderson for being there everyday to push me! Jason Caldas and Sonia Caldas for running such a kick ass box with awesome coaches. Page Lockhart, Danielle Campbell, Jake Ryan thanks for always making me push myself further then I think I can go! And all the members of CFB … you guys/girls are so motivating! Everyday I aim to be a little bit better cause of all you! Thanks for your support!

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