LURONG CHALLENGE – September 12th

August 28, 2016

The Lurong Championship Challenge starts on September 12th but you have to sign up ASAP to get ready and prepared and to qualify for prizes. The event is a 7 week challenge, testing your fitness improvement, your nutrition improvements and your body composition improvement. You will have two benchmark workouts at the beginning and end of the challenge that will show your dramatic improvements and you will be weighed and measured at the beginning and end as well. Please take before and after pictures and upload them to your account or send them to the coaching staff.

We will start on monday the 12th by measuring all athletes in class that register, you will have all week to get your measurements done and the benchmark workouts completed!!! Each week we will also program the weekly Lurong Challenge WOD that you could win prizes in all different levels and ages of fitness.

Lets do this together!!! We already have over 30 members involved between each location, the more we have the stronger we will be!!!

This Challenge has brought amazing results to all of our athletes that participate. We have lost hundreds of pounds together and we plan on losing hundreds more. Last year our very own Jennifer Burneika was the overall worldwide winner and won THOUSANDS of dollars in prizes!!! Who is going to be the big winner this time???




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