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January 18, 2018
Hey Yall,
I wanted to let everyone know about a FREE Seminar we are hosting this weekend, Sunday Jan 21st at 11am. This seminar is open to all past and present members. If you were thinking about getting started with us again then this might be the best time to do it!!! We will also be kicking off our New Year New You Challenge on Monday January 22nd.
Here are some of the details for the Seminar: (We will also Stream the seminar on Facebook Live)
We are hosting this seminar at CrossFit Bridgewater, 620 Bedford St. Bridgewater, ma. Coach Dave Gomes and Coach Caldas will be leading the seminar and really breaking down how to meal prep, EFFECTIVELY, EFFICENTLY, and INEXPENSIVELY!!! Coach Dave is the master of meal prep. He lost over 100lbs in the last few years and is now one of our best athletes. He owes all his results to his 100% dedication to his diet and weekly meal prep. It is a religion to him and he will give you all the tips and tricks he has learned along the way.
Coach Caldas will go over the actual foods we need to consume as athletes, which diets have worked best with his clients over the past 20 years and how to Keep It Simple!!!
As for the Challenge:
The challenge will start up on Monday January 22nd. You will have till the end of that week to sign up. This challenge will consist of teams of two that will combine their scorers and efforts to compete for the grand prize. Teams can be made up of same sex or opposite sex partners. The challenge will start with weigh ins and measurements on Monday, along with a Team benchmark workout that must be completed together. You will have all week to get your official scores of the workout and measurements in to the coaches. This challenge will be 30 days and finish on Monday February 19th. All measurements and scores will be due by the 19th. To win this challenge you will be ranked on your teams combined fitness improvements, combined inches lost, combined BF% lost, combined % of Body weight lost and finally combined Paleo Points.

The Paleo Points Scoring is all followed:

Perfect Day = 5 Points
(no cheats)

Mediocre Day = 3 points
(1 small cheat)

Bad Day = 0 Points
(2 or more cheats)

Bonus Points
1 point for WOD at the BOX (mobility and endurance workouts will count if in the gym)
1 point for 8 Hours Sleep
1 point for drinking 1/2 bodyweight in ounces if water

You will add these bonus points to your Perfect, Mediocre and Bad days. For example If you have a BAD Day but sleep 8 hrs, get a wod in and drink all your water you will still get 3 points (0 + 3 bonus points). So a PERFECT Day with all 3 Bonus points will give you 8 Total Points and that will be the best score you can get.

What is considered a cheat?
-anything with wheat or gluten
-anything with high fructose corn syrup
-anything with dairy
-anything with processed ingredients
-any sweets that are not 100% paleo
-any alcohol

Perfect Days will be 100% Paleo and consist of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, nuts and seeds.

Coffee is allowed. Whey protein is allowed pre or post workout.
Only one -RX-Paleo Naturals or other Paleo bars are allowed per day.
100% maple syrup, organic honey and Stevia(green) are allowed in moderation as a sweetener but you are not allowed regular Sugar, Splenda(yellow), Sweet n Low(pink) or Equal(blue).

Here is a great link for a sample diet and meal plan from the Paleo Plan :

If anyone has anymore questions or if you are interested in your own personal diet and meal plan to follow during this challenge then please email me at and we can set up a consultation.

Thanks for listening,

Team CFB



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