Meeting and OLY

May 01, 2012

This Friday @ 6:30pm we will hold a brief competitors meeting to talk about some upcoming events and extra training sessions for these events. Anyone interested in competing, whether you think you are ready or not, may show up. We will be talking about how to get better for these events and also how to get ready for next year.
I will also like to go over the Snatch and Clean n Jerk with everyone.
So if you want we will OLY lift after the Meeting.

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  1. Ryan Blake Reply

    I’m working Friday night. I’ll try and get someone to cover for me…

    • Kara Reply

      I’m in the same boat as Blake…hopefully I can swing by quickly @4:30…

  2. elaine Reply

    Just a thought how about competitors meeting before the5:30 and Oly after that!??

  3. jc Reply

    I will be here at 4:30 and can meet with Competitors individually as well. The OLY after the wod will be more about technique than anything.
    Everyone fill out there Athlete Profiles on the whiteboard ledge and leave them on my desk either today or bring them back with you.

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