Monday Schedule Update

February 10, 2013

So far we still have no power. We will not be open for the morning classes unless something changes in the next few hours before bedtime. We know you are all excited to get a WOD in so we will offer open gym from 10am-12pm with or without power. Hopefully the evening classes will be at regular schedule. If we do not have power in the evening we will have to cancel due to lack of light. Possibly 3-5pm open gym. We will post here and the website for updates. Also the Paleo benchmarks will be postponed to Tuesday and Wednesday.

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  1. Shan Reply

    Unfortunately I am unable to make those gym times tomorrow and cannot make Tuesday so I won’t be able to get my weight and measurements until Wednesday. Will that affect the challenge at all?

  2. Wade Reply

    Good day for some of you CFB beasts to head down for a WOD at your sister box CFD!! They have power and plus you get to see me! 😉 I’ll be at the 6am with the Ninja, the Grizzly, and the Muscle!

  3. Ninja Reply

    Come WOD out with the family!..

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