New Schedule Change

February 26, 2012

Starting immediately. We will be changing the 630am on Tuesday and Thursday to 530am. Unfortunately we do not have enough people at 630am to continue. This will allow our Crazy 530am people to get more workouts in and train hard for the games.

Also would anyone be interested in a steady 12pm class during the week and/or a 430pm class??

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  1. TK Reply

    Will there be 6:30 on Mon and Wed? 5:30 too early for us commuting from Boston 🙁

  2. TK Reply

    Never mind!! I was thinking p.m. And panicked!

  3. Lauren Reply

    I would love a nooner! Wednesday, Thursday or Friday would be ideal for me… since you are asking.. 🙂

    • Elaine Reply

      Everyyyyyyy…one loves a “nooner”!!!!

  4. Tank Reply

    I like noon classes

  5. Joe Kelleher Reply

    430 would be great for me

  6. Cuch Reply

    I could 430 classes!

  7. Cuch Reply


  8. Kristen Reply


  9. Johnny c Reply

    I could make a 430 class

  10. Jenn Reply

    Ohh i would so head to a 4:30 class…. especially if you get Elaine to teach! Hehehe and even a noon too…

  11. Heather Reply

    Any chance the 5:30 am could become a 6:00 am on Tuesday/Thursday? 5:30 am is a little early for me and 7:30 am is too late!

  12. debbie a.k.a. momma Reply

    i would like a 430 class……. would you still have 530?

  13. Big Sexy Reply

    if elaine wants a nooner I’m in and I will even come back at 430 for my hot momma fix!

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