New Sweatshirts

January 15, 2013

New CFB Sweatshirts are coming!

Please Reserve your size Today. They are Unisex and Modern Fit. Only $40!!!

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  1. CC Engine Reply

    Me either but they’re awesome & red!!! Medium or Large??? 🙂 🙂

  2. Page Lockhart Reply

    Put me down for 1 small

  3. Wade Reply

    XL for me

  4. Soniablade Reply

    Small please

  5. Jamie Reply

    One small please -thx

  6. currin Reply

    Is XXS a possibility? I would love to grab one for Noah…

  7. Sweat beast Reply

    Xl for my massive biceps ill have after the paleo challenge

  8. Cat Reply

    Medium for Cat, even though I’m not a competitor yet because I love the red.

    • JC Reply

      You are a competitor and you should be proud to wear it! I will be proud of everyone that wears this sweatshirt because you all give it 100% everyday and this is what being a “Competitor” is all about.
      It’s either that or I can write:
      “I am an awesome person inside and out”
      your choice

  9. jc Reply

    Everyone in THIS gym is a competitor! These sweatshirts are for all members!

  10. Heather Reply

    Hey JC since they aren’t made yet is there a way to get it without it saying competitor??? Maybe just have the back? I really like it, but ill get competitor when I’m a true competitor : )

    • JC Reply

      ^^^^^^^^^^^ @ heather and everyone else

      • Pollo Loco Reply

        We’re all competitors! We compete with ourselves to do the best we can. We strive for improvement and change. If we didn’t we wouldn’t be part of this unbelievably awesome community of crossfitters.

        Myself I’m a competitor and fighter at the box as well as in life.

        JC: My size is medium husky
        AKA large

  11. CC Engine Reply

    You all are so cool!!! Love you ALL!!!! 🙂 🙂

  12. Sara R Reply

    Medium for me please even though I am not a competitor either! 🙂

  13. wayne Reply

    Ill take one. small.

  14. Heather Reply

    Ok ok! Ill take a small. I feel like I just got yelled at.

    • Pollo Loco Reply

      Where’s my PUMA?

  15. Lauren Reply

    Medium for me please 🙂 we are all gunna look red hot! Woohoo

  16. Shanaynay Reply

    XL please 🙂

  17. victoria Reply

    Small please

  18. Amy Reply

    Med please 🙂

  19. Tricia Reply

    Medium pls

  20. JesC Reply

    Small please. We all compete against ourselves and each other on a daily basis! Everyone deserves to where this!

  21. pkila Reply

    L please…if its not too late

  22. Johnny c Reply

    Please put me down for a large

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