OLY Class and New Coach!!!

April 13, 2014

Hey Everyone,

I want you all to welcome Shaun Monteiro to our Coaching Staff. Shaun has been a personal trainer for many years and a CrossFit Coach for about 2 years now. Shaun joined CrossFit Bridgewater this fall as an athlete and has made it on to our Regional Team very quickly by helping us qualify during the Open Wods. He has tediously studied Olympic Weightlifting and has been taught by some of the best weightlifters in the Country. Recently, Shaun attended the Pendlay Weightlifting Seminar and had learned a lot about proper technique, set up, bar path and body mechanics. He has been working with all of us on the competition team and it is really paying off. He himself is a great Weightlifter, you will see it in his form when demonstarting the movements at the OLY class at CFB. He is very modest and would not boust about these things but he snatches 255# and Clean n Jerks 335#, oh, and Push presses about 315!!! He is not only a beast but his mechanics are smooth and consistent. You will all learn a lot from Coach Shaun during the OLY Class. So give him a warm welcome when you see him this weekend.


Same time every Sunday at 10am @ CFB!!!

All CFD and CFB members are welcome for no additional cost.

All members from other affiliates may attend for just $10/class.




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  1. Brian C Reply

    Awesome! Dude’s a Beast!

  2. neon joe Reply

    Great class today !!!

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