10.26.11 "Flashback"

October 25, 2011

Warrior Wednesday

10 Wall Walks
20 Box Jumps (24.20)
30 KB swings (53.35)
40 Walking lunges
50 Abmat situps
1000m Row(rain sub for 1 mile Run)
50 Abmat situps
40 Walking Lunges
30 KB Swings
20 Box Jumps
10 Wall Walks

There is a 45 min cap
Start in waves to prevent clogging up on the rowers. Send the fastest people first then next wave 3mins later.

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  1. Bravo Reply

    “Flashback” 22:22 Rx with mile run

    couldn’t keep up with Blade and died on last 10 wall walks.
    Rest day tomorrow and going to kill it on Friday .. who ha

  2. A.Del Reply

    “Flashback” 24:40 rx (row)

    The wall walks were definitely the hardest part!

  3. Sonia Cormier Reply

    Hey ho WHO HA! Great job Bravo, you kept me movin’. The trick is the last 10 wall walks…whoever can suck it up and bang ’em out, will make up mad time!!!
    “Flashback” 20:58 Rx w/ 1 mile run

  4. willhuntforfood Reply

    I love warrior wednesday!

    25:20 RX- 1 mile run

  5. Tank Reply

    24:12 Rx with 1 mile run. Great work PM class! Shout out to Hal and Craig for pushing the tempo

    • JC Reply

      I think everyone likes this one. Even though wall walks suck!!!
      18:20 rx

  6. Jrisk Reply

    “flashback” 26:20rx w/ 1 mile run

  7. Craig Reply

    22:29 RX with mile run

    those wall walks were brutal

    extra credit:
    4rounds NFT
    10 PU
    20 DU

  8. joao Reply

    19:38 Rx with 1 mile run

    Quick movements are my thing!

    Good job everyone.

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